LifeCuff Technologies, Inc. has developed a patented technology platform for automating the RIC process in addressing multiple indications.  Resulting products will improve outcomes by delivering the therapy effectively.  Three products are at various stages of development:  LifeCuff, VitalCuff and HomeCuff.


The LifeCuff device will be the first complete solution to activating the body’s natural defense against ischemic disorders.  It will combine automated delivery of RIC with vital signs monitoring and wireless data collection in a single blood pressure cuff.

Where Used. LifeCuff has been designed for use across the spectrum of care: in acute care settings, including the ambulance or emergency room or before Cath Lab procedures or other cardiac interventions, in hospitals and other medical centers, and in physician’s offices.  Because the device will be so convenient and easy to use, RIC delivery may one day become ubiquitous.

How it Works. LifeCuff will be non-invasive, portable and automated, with no need for a charger.  A single cuff will deliver ischemic conditioning, display vital signs and wireless reports on usage, and contain its power source.  Of special importance is the fact that the device has been designed for use on all patients regardless of their blood pressure levels. The device will self-adjust cuff pressure to the best patient comfort level and offer 100 percent efficacious pressure levels.  It will also be possible to upgrade the device if the protocol or procedure changes.  Wireless data collection will enable continuing improvement in the product and its use with usage information it collects.

Benefits for Patients. Healing where none was possible.  Rapid healing.  Less pain with no side effects. And the device will be reimbursable.  What’s more, RIC can even prevent future disorders.

VitalCuff will Serve Battlefield and Disaster Area Needs

VitalCuff will meet emergency battlefield and disaster area needs of three kinds: Serving as a tourniquet with a timer and wireless alert so the tourniquet is not forgotten in the press of events, causing loss of the limb.  Showing and wirelessly transmitting blood pressure.  And showing and wirelessly transmitting heart rate.

HomeCuff will Enable Extended Use at Home

The patient will be able to administer HomeCuff easily under a physician’s supervision.  This will save considerable time and money for patients, physicians and insurance companies.

LifeCuff Products will Address Nine Medical Indications


This Market will Grow with the Aging of America

Population of 65+ in United States