Diabetic wounds have become a human and financial crisis, with few cures and 1.5 million victims, up to 200,000 amputations a year in the US alone and an estimated US cost of $9 billion-$13 billion for diabetic foot ulcer management.  Continual Remote Ischemic Conditioning (cRIC) could be a game changer.. 


LifeCuff Technology’s patented technology will power a noninvasive electronic device that enables patients to treat chronic wounds at home under a physician’s direction as an adjunct to standard of care.  The device is cost-effective, easy to use and and has demonstrated 79% healing in clinical trials..


Our mission is to use the body’s inborn ability to heal itself - to cure the underlying cause of disease rather than manage symptoms or slow disease progression.  Our initial goal is to do this for patients with ischemic disorders, beginning with diabetic ulcers.